Upham Counselling

How Can Counselling Help?

What can a counsellor achieve that I can’t get from talking to a close friend?

Counsellors who have trained to a high level undergo long and challenging training to provide you with the skills required to heal. I will not judge, blame, criticize you or your behaviour and trusted never to repeat to anyone else what you say. If I am required by law to report anything I will let you know.

How can it help?

Counselling can help at difficult times in your life to understand what is happening to you and why. It can help for both short term work, concentrating on a particular problem, or it can be offered over a much longer period of time focusing on more deep-set issues. It can help you explore your feelings and begin to take control of your life. It can promote positive change and growth.

When can it help?

Counselling can help with many different issues in life including bereavement, unresolved loss, anxiety, and stress, unexplained feelings of anger, depression, abuse, relationship and family difficulties, low self-esteem and loss of confidence.

It can also help those who experience a long-standing general feeling of unhappiness and loneliness and cannot identify what the cause of this is. Counselling can help to explore these feelings and learn to understand them, and thereby gain insight and acceptance.

Many people mistakenly think that counselling is only appropriate for extreme situations – in fact it can help those who are wanting to gain more self-awareness and insight into their own behaviour.

What benefits can be expected

  • An improvement in self-esteem and sense of well-being.
  • An increase in self-awareness and insight into feelings and behaviour.
  • Personal growth and development with increased self-acceptance
  • Exploration of long-standing unresolved feelings of grief and loss
  • Exploration of feelings surrounding personal experience of abuse.

Fundamental to my approach is the belief that we all have the potential to change, develop and lead happier lives if we really want to, enabling greater freedom through self-exploration and self-responsibility.